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361 Additional Fly Cars Added to Catalog
More than 360 additional Fly Slot Cars were added to The Slot Car Catalog today. Popular models include Porsche 911 and 917/10 Turbo, Lola B98/10, Ferrari Daytona and Lancia Beta Montecarlo.

Spirit Cars Added
Twenty One of the currently available Spirit Slot Cars were added to The Slot Car Catalog. Popular slot cars include a Jaegermeister BMW 2002 and a 635, Courage C65 and Porsche 936. Spirit makes nice looking cars wich usually include high-performace parts as standard equipment. Some of teh cars even have working suspension.

368 More Fly Cars Added to The Catalog
Another 368 Fly slot cars were loaded into The Slot Car Catalog today. The additions include FIA GT cars and F1 Grand Prix cars, as well as Audi Quattro and Renault R5 rally cars, and many others. Use the direct links to find the cars on EBay and the Electric Dreams website.

More Than 1000 Slot Cars Cataloged!
The Slot Car Catalog has completed cataloging it's 1000th car. The Catalog now covers 57 car makes from 13 different slot car makers.

MRRC Cars Added
Currently available slot cars from MRRC were added to the slot car catalog. MRRC is currently offering some very nice looking Ford GT40 Mk IV's and several good looking Cobras too.

Le Mans Miniatures Cars Added
Sixteen Le Mans Miniatures slot cars were added to The Slot Car Catalog. Le Mans Miniatures makes beautifully detailed cars that depict some of the most famous cars tot ever run in the 24hrs of Le Mans. The sixteeen cars added are the cars you can usually still find at your slot car dealer. Later we will be adding older, sold-out models.

Cartrix GP Legends Cars Added
All 21 of the Cartrix GP Legends cars that have been made by Cartrix to date were added to The Slot Car Catalog. Use the EBay links to find older cars that are no longer in production.

Fly Cars Added for OTHG 1964-1974 Le Mans Class
More than 200 Fly cars were added to The Slot Car Catalog. All of the cars are legal for the OTHG 1964-1974 Le Mans Class. Use the EBay links to find the cars you want to race. The Catalog currently lists 259 different cars that are legal for the class.

The Slot Car Catalog Goes Live!
The Slot Car catalog went live today at The Catalog currently contains more than 400 slot cars with extensive data about each slot car and the full scale car it depicts. Use The Slot Car Catalog to catalog your collection of slot cars. Links to EBay and slot car vendors help you find new cars to add to your collection. Group C Cars Added
With the recent addition of a few more Group C cars to the catalog, we now list 47 different cars you can choose from for the OTHG GroupC/IMSA class. Use the links to find a car at Electric Dreams, or if your dream is for an older car use the EBay links and find the sold-out cars.

167 SCX 4WD Cars Legal for OTHG 4WD
Choose from 167 different SCX 4WD cars to find your car for the OTHG SCX 4WD class. All of the 167 cars listed are legal, so you should be able to find one you like, and that possibly no one else is using.

Ninco GT1 Cars Added
All of the Ninco GT1 cars that have been manufactured to date and are legal for the OTHG Ninco GT1 class have been added to The Slot Car Catalog. Use the complete list to find the car you want to race. If you don't own your favorite car in the class use the links to find one on EBay.

The Slot Car Catalog Launches It's First Beta
The Slot Car Catalog was launched in beta version today. The Catalog will list slot cars produced around the world. users will be able to log and track their slot car collections using the website. Lists of cars defined for various slot car racing classes will also be cataloged on the site. Currently their are more than 300 different cars cataloged. Links to EBay and Electric Dreams help users find the slot cars they are looking for.

Ninco Classic Cars Added for OTHG Ninco 1949-63 Le Mans Clas
All forty-five cars currently eligible for the OTHG Ninco 1949-63 Le Mans class were added to the catalog. Use the list to find a car to race in the Ninco 1949-63 Le Mans class.

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