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Scale: 1/32 ~/Images/slotcars/slotit_ca15b.jpg
Mfg Ser No: SICA15b
Mfg Reference No:
Year Introduced: 2010
Catalog Type: Standard
Weight in Grams: 72.0
Motor: SIMS06
Chassis Layout: Inline
Magnet Type: c-shaped bar
Scratchbuilt By:
OTHG Class: Group C Le Mans
Colors: White-Blue
Painted By Code:
Painted By:
Car Make: Mazda
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Car Model: 787B
Description: #18 Mazda Le Mans 1991
Livery: Mazda
Event: 24 Hrs Le Mans
Event Year: 1991
Event Finish Pos: 6
Drivers: S. Johansson, D. Kennedy, M.S. Sala
Car Year:
Number: 18
Slot Car Notes:
1:1 Car Notes:
OTHG Class Notes: Cars must run with SIMS04 or SIMS06 motors in inline configuration and no magnets. Rear tires must be Ortmann 51a. You can put any plastic or resin bodied car of the Group C/IMSA era on the chassis and mechanicals. See SFJ.
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